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virtuoso, Carnegie Hall, Richard Dowling
American Concert Pianist
"Richard Dowling is an
especially impressive,
fine pianist."
The New York Times
"Richard Dowling is a master
of creating beautiful sounds
who captures the true
essence of Chopin...a pianist
of high ideals who impresses
with impeccable control of
colours and textures."
The Singapore Business
Photo: Peter Schaaf
"Richard Dowling has real
talent and substance, a
musician with something to
say, the skill to say it and the
magnetic power to make you
want to listen. Dowling's
performance of Ravel was at
once a stunning display of
pianism and an interpretive
tour-de-force. It wasn't just
music -- it was theater,
storytelling of the best sort."
The San Antonio
"Richard Dowling's
sympathetic recreations of
Gershwin's style reveal a
classical purity."
New York Concert Review
"Richard Dowling has
dazzling technical equipment
and discriminating artistry."
The Pretoria News (South
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