A Frog He Went a-Courting: PAIRS OF PIECES
Evan Drachman, cello
Richard Dowling, piano
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Label:    pf Music
Release Date:   January 31, 1999
Catalog Number:   PF 2901
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1-3. Franz Joseph Haydn:        Divertimento
4-5. Carl Maria von Weber:    Adagio and Rondo

6.    Max Bruch:                         Kol Nidrei
7.    Gregor Piatigorsky:         Prayer

8.    Gregor Piatigorsky:         Promenade
9.    Gregor Piatigorsky:         Syrinx

10-22. Paul Hindemith:          "A Frog He Went a-Courting," Variations for Cello and Piano
23.  Franz Schubert:                 Introduction, Theme and Variations

24.  Enrique Granados:         Orientale
25.  Enrique Granados:         Andaluza

26.  Gregor Piatigorsky:        Scherzo
27.  Sergei Prokofiev:            Masques

28.  Gabriel Faure:                   Elegy
29.  Camille Saint-Saens:       The Swan (from
Carnival of the Animals)
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Album Description
Cellist Evan Drachman brings together delightful pairs of short cello works associated with
his grandfather, the world-renowned Russian cellist Gregor Piatigorsky. Included are
premiere recordings of some of Mr. Piatigorsky's own cello compositions. The signature
work, "A Frog He Went a-Courting," is a charming set of variations by German composer
Paul Hindemith, who wrote the work as a gift for Piatigorsky in 1941. The distinctive cover
art is taken from the original hand-made greeting card that Hindemith himself drew and sent
to Piatigorsky along with the music. All proceeds from the sales of this recording benefit The
Piatigorsky Foundation, an organization created by Drachman and dedicated to bringing live
classical music performances to people who might not otherwise not have an opportunity to
hear them. For more information, please click here to visit
The Piatigorksy Foundation.
"Drachman's performance brings to mind the way his grandfather played. The resemblance to Piatigorsky has
to do with more than just good taste, eloquent phrasing and a command of bravura. Drachman possesses in
abundance two qualities for which his grandfather was revered:  the ability to make the cello imitate the
human singing voice and, even more important, the ability to tell a story. It's a quality that is all too rarely
found nowadays, and it makes Drachman's disc special."  
The Baltimore Sun (Stephen Wigler)
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Liner Notes
Recorded April 14-16, 1998 at St. Thomas' Church, Garrison Forest (1742) in Owings Mills, Maryland

Executive Producer:  Evan Drachman for The Piatigorsky Foundation
Cello:  Dominicus Montagnana, 1721
Piano:  Baldwin SD-10 Concert Grand
Producer & Engineer:  Paul Zinman for Soundbyte Productions, Inc., NYC
Assistant Engineer:  Charles LaPierre
Piano Technician:   Steven Conrad
Graphic & Production Supervision:  Town Crier, NYC
Art Director:  Laurel Marx Design, NYC
Photography:  Christian Steiner, New York
Cover Art:  Original drawing by Paul Hindemith
Hindemith- "A Frog He Went a-Courting" courtesy of European American Music/Schott Musik    
International (ASCAP)
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