Warming up before a concert
Post-concert aboard The World
Autographing a piano in Baltimore
Best friend pianist Elyane Laussade with
our teacher Ruth Tomfohrde in Houston
Pianist Abbey Simon
post-concert in New York
Passport in hand, ready to fly on the
Concorde to London from JFK Airport in
New York
Having a lesson in New York with
pianist Earl Wild on his
Seven Virtuoso
Etudes on Themes of Gershwin
Piatigorsky Foundation gala concert at
the Otto Kahn Mansion, New York
Post-lesson with pianist
Earl Wild in New York
Pianist Stephen Hough in Sydney,
Performing with cellist Evan Drachman
and soprano Dana Bhatnagar in New York
Post-concert with Lois LaRoe in
East Texas
Warming up for a Gershwin & ragtime
Fourth of July recital in Provincetown, Mass.
Actress Traci Godfrey in New York
Pianistic heritage:  Ruth Tomfohrde in
her studio with photos of her pedagogues
Ruth Burr and Paul Pliche
Pianist Constance Keene with Abbey
Simon after his concert in New York
At Steinway Hall in New York
with composer-pianist Craig
Close friends James Saakvitne and
Alison Feagin post-concert in New York
Cabaret composer-pianist John Wallowitch
after his show in Greenwich Village
In Houston with musical friend and
philanthropist, Lee Heinen
Concert manager Joseph Conlin in his
apartment near Carnegie Hall, New York