Fanfare Magazine, May/June 2002 (Michael Ullman)
"Gershwin's piano pieces are lovingly recreated here by Richard Dowling...an
excellent Gershwin pianist who captures the period charm admirably."
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1.  Sweet and Low-Down (Tip-Toes, 1925) (trans. Wodehouse)
2.  Looking for a Boy (Tip-Toes, 1925) (trans. Wodehouse)
3.  Someone to Watch Over Me (Oh, Kay!, 1926) (trans. Wodehouse)
4.  That Certain Feeling (Tip-Toes, 1925) (trans. Wodehouse)
'S Wonderful/Funny Face (Funny Face, 1927) (trans. Wodehouse)
6.  Maybe (Oh, Kay!, 1926) (trans. Wodehouse)
7.  Swanee (Capitol Revue, 1919) (trans. Litterst & Wodehouse)
8.  Clap Yo' Hands (
Oh, Kay!, 1926) (trans. Wodehouse)
9.  Drifting Along with the Tide (
George White's Scandals of 1921) (trans. Litterst &
Andantino moderato theme from Rhapsody in Blue* (1924) (trans. Dowling)
11.  So Am I (
Lady, Be Good!, 1924) (trans. Litterst & Wodehouse)
12.  Kickin' the Clouds Away (
Tell Me More, 1925) (trans. Litterst & Wodehouse)
13.  My One and Only (
Funny Face, 1927) (trans. Wodehouse)
14.  Prelude No. 1 in B-flat Major (1926)
15.  Novelette in Fourths (1919) (trans. Dowling)
16.  Sleepless Night (Melody No. 17, 1925/1936) (trans. Swift)
17.  Rubato (Novelette-Prelude, 1923)
18.  Promenade ("Walking the Dog" from
Shall We Dance, 1937)
19.  Three-Quarter Blues ("Irish Waltz," Melody No. 32, ca. mid-1920s)
20.  Prelude No. 2 in C-sharp Minor ("Blue Lullaby," 1926)
21.  Impromptu in Two Keys ("Yellow Blues," Melody No. 42,
East Is West, 1929) (arr.
22.  Prelude No. 3 in E-flat Minor ("Spanish Prelude," 1926)

Earl Wild:  
Seven Virtuoso Etudes on Themes of Gershwin
23.  I Got Rhythm (Girl Crazy, 1930)
24.  Oh, Lady Be Good! (
Lady, Be Good!, 1924)
25.  Liza (
Show Girl, 1929)
26.  Embraceable You (
East Is West, 1929 & Girl Crazy, 1930)
27.  Somebody Loves Me (
George White's Scandals of 1924)
28.  Fascinatin' Rhythm (
Lady, Be Good!, 1924)
29.  The Man I Love (
Lady, Be Good!, 1924 & Strike Up the Band, 1927)

* World premiere recording
Liner Notes
Recorded October 4, 1998 and August 24-26, 2000 at the Wertheim Performing Arts
Florida International University, Miami, Florida.

Produced by Clark McAlister and Richard Dowling
Engineered and Mastered by Bruce Leek
Edited by Fred Vogler
Recording Assistant:  Neil Buckland

Piano:  Steinway D #536013
Piano Technician:  David Balko
Photos:  Judi Buie
Cover design:  Mathew Dalessi
Booklet layout:  Stacie Heyen, CDS Graphics

All selections published by Alfred Music Publishing
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Credit Information
Product Details
Label: Klavier Records
Release Date: July 1, 2001
Catalog Number: K 11117
Album Description
American pianist Richard Dowling performs virtually all of Gershwin's
original works for solo piano along with several new transcriptions of
Gershwin improvisations from disc recordings and player piano rolls.
Dowling transcribed several of the tracks himself including a world
premiere of Gershwin's own three-minute rendition of the main theme of
Rhapsody in Blue. Rounding out the disc are Earl Wild's Seven Virtuoso
Etudes on Themes by Gershwin
New York Concert Review (Harris Goldsmith)
"Mr. Dowling has lavished a good deal of research on Gershwin's legacy and his
devotion and affinity for his music is self-evident. Dowling's sympathtic recreations of
Gershwin's style revealed a patrician, classical purity."
Editorial Reviews
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American Record Guide (Jack Sullivan)
"Dowling dances through 29 Gershwin numbers with exuberance and a natural feel
for rubato. Dowling's inspiration is Gershwin's own style which eschews heaviness
and sentimentality. The recording has a dry sparkle perfect for Dowling's
no-nonsense playing. If you love Gershwin, don't miss this!"